In a sense, Skin & Bones is a clash between cultures. On the one hand, the isolated and dark great plains and snowy mountains of the north. On the other,

the industrialized rock'n'roll way of life of the western society.

Combined, they merge into a jewelry craftsmanship embracing the black, gothic silhouettes, the philosophy of the 60's hippie movement and the native americans respect and celebration of nature.


Malin Wiström and Marie Larsson started Skin & Bones in October 2010.

They shared a great fascination for jewelry and accessories and found that there was a lack of contemporary styles that appealed to them.


The materials they use derive from nature. At first, they worked with leather, feathers and crystal. Since then, as their craftsmanship has evolved, they have started to incorporate iron - like nails, for example.

The designs mostly originate from the materials themselves: fingered at, played with and put together as a whole. Skin & Bones could be referred to as accessories and jewelry of a rock bohemian urban wildlife.


Koopmansgatan 2C

414 62 Göteborg

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